Starting in December of 2020, our Society organizes monthly colloquia by distinguished speakers (members or non-members) on topics of interest to the member of the Society.

Here is a list of our upcoming and past monthly online colloquia (times are shown in UTC+2, Athens) - click on the date for the Zoom link and on the title for the abstract.

29/3/2021, 18:00,  P. Kanti (University of Ioannina)
From the black hole, through the wormhole to ultra-compact objects

22/2/2021, 18:00,  D. Giannios (Purdue University)
Neutron Star Mergers: The Light After the Gravitational Waves

18/12/2020, 12:00,  L. Perivolaropoulos (University of Ioannina)
H0 crisis: Systematics of distance calibrators or the end of ΛCDM?

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