Members of the HSRGC

    The society currently has 126 members.

Agathos, Mihalis (Ordinary Member)

Anagnostopoulos, Fotios (Junior Member)

Anastopoulos, Haris (Ordinary Member)

Alestas, George (Junior Member)

Alexakis, Spyros (Ordinary Member)

Anastasiou, Giorgos (Ordinary Member)

Antoniadis, Ioannis (Ordinary Member)

Apostolatos, Theocharis A. (Founding Ordinary Member)

Apostolopoulos, Pantelis (Ordinary Member)

Avgoustidis, Anastasios (Ordinary Member)

Bakopoulos, Athanasios (Junior Member)

Basilakos, Spyros (Founding Ordinary Member)

Batakis, Nikos (Founding Ordinary Member)

Berti, Emanuele (Ordinary Member)

Charmousis, Christos (Ordinary Member)

Chatziioannou, Katerina (Ordinary Member)

Chira, Maria (Junior Member)

Christodoulakis, Theodosios (Founding Ordinary Member)

Contopoulos, Ioannis (Ordinary Member)

Cotsakis, Spiros (Founding Ordinary Member)

Dafermos, Michalis (Ordinary Member)

Dialektopoulos Konstantinos (Junior Member)

Dimitropoulos, Andreas (Ordinary Member)

Dimopoulos, Kostas (Ordinary Member)

Dionysopoulou, Kyriaki (Ordinary Member)

Eleni, Areti (Ordinary Member)

Florides, Petros (Founding Ordinary Member)

Gakis, Viktor (Junior Member)

Geroyannis, Vassilis (Ordinary Member)

Giampanis, Stefanos (Ordinary Member)

Giannios, Dimitrios (Ordinary Member)

Gizani, Nectaria (Ordinary Member)

Glampedakis, Kostas (Ordinary Member)

Grammenos, Theofanis (Founding Ordinary Member)

Haranas, Ioannis (Ordinary Member)

Iosif, Panagiotis (Junior Member)

Iosifidis, Damianos (Ordinary Member)

Kalogera, Vicky (Ordinary Member)

Kanti, Panagiota (Ordinary Member)

Karageorgopoulos, Vasileios (Junior Member)

Karnesis, Nikolaos (Ordinary Member)

Katsanevas, Stavros (Ordinary Member)

Kazanas, Demosthenes (Ordinary Member)

Kazantzidis, Lavrentios (Junior Member)

Kehagias, Alexandros (Ordinary Member)

Kittou, Georgia (Junior Member)

Kleidis, Kostas (Ordinary Member)

Kofinas, Georgios (Ordinary Member)

Kokkotas, Kostas D. (Founding Ordinary Member)

Kolassis, Charalambos (Founding Ordinary Member)

Kolionis, Georgios (Junior Member)

Kontokostas, George (Junior Member)

Kouretsis, Alexandros (Founding Ordinary Member)

Kouvaris, Christoforos (Ordinary Member)

Kraniotis, George (Ordinary Member)

Labropoulos, Panos (Ordinary Member)

Laguna, Pablo (Ordinary Member)

Levi Said, Jackson (Ordinary Member)

Lioutas, George (Junior Member)

Loukes-Gerakopoulos, Georgios (Ordinary Member)

Lymperis, Andreas (Junior Member)

Machattou, Antri (Junior Member)

Markakis, Charalampos (Founding Junior Member)

Mitsou, Ermis (Ordinary Member)

Moschidis, Michael (Junior Member)

Myritzis, Ioannis (Founding Ordinary Member)

Nakas, Theorodos (Junior Member)

Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos (Ordinary Member)

Nesseris, Savvas (Ordinary Member)

Pailas, Theodoros (Junior Member)

Paliathanasis, Andronikos (Ordinary Member)

Palapanidis, Konstantinos (Ordinary Member)

Papadopoulos, Demetrios (Founding Ordinary Member)

Papakostas, Taxiarchis (Founding Ordinary Member)

Papantonopoulos, Elefterios (Ordinary Member)

Pappas, George (Ordinary Member)

Pappas, Nikolaos (Ordinary Member)

Pappas, Thomas (Junior Member)

Paschalidis, Vasileios (Ordinary Member)

Perivolaropoulos, Leandros (Founding Ordinary Member)

Persides, Sotirios C. (Founding Ordinary Member)

Petkou, Anastasios (Ordinary Member)

Petronikolou, Maria (Junior Member)

Plionis, Manolis (Founding Ordinary Member)

Pnigouras, Pantelis (Ordinary Member)

Pouri, Athina (Ordinary Member)

Psaltis, Dimitrios (Founding Ordinary Member)

Rigopoulos, Gerasimos (Ordinary Member)

Roupas, Zacharias (Ordinary Member)

Sakellariadou, Mairi (Founding Ordinary Member)

Saridakis, Emmanuel (Ordinary Member)

Savvidou, Konstantina (Ordinary Member)

Siopsis, George (Ordinary Member)

Sotiriou, Thomas (Founding Ordinary Member)

Soultanis, Theodoros (Junior Member)

Souvaitzis, Lazaros (Junior Member)

Spyrou, Nicolaos (Founding Ordinary Member)

Stavridis, Adamantios (Ordinary Member)

Stavrinos, Panagiotis (Founding Ordinary Member)

Stergioulas, Nikolaos (Founding Ordinary Member)

Sypsas, Spyros (Junior Member)

Theodorakakos, Antonios (Junior Member)

Terzis, Petros (Ordinary Member)

Tetradis, Nikolaos (Ordinary Member)

Triantafyllopoulos, Alkiviadis-Ioannis (Junior Member)

Tsagas, Christos (Founding Ordinary Member)

Tsakonas, Haris (Junior Member)

Tsamparlis, Michael (Founding Ordinary Member)

Tseneklidou, Dimitra (Junior Member)

Tsiopelas, Stefanos (Junior Member)

Tsokaros, Antonis (Ordinary Member)

Tsoubelis, Dimitris (Founding Ordinary Member)

Tsoukalas, Minas (Founding Junior Member)

Tzelati, Eleftheria (Junior Member)

Vagenas, Elias C. (Founding Ordinary Member)

Varvoglis, Charalambos (Ordinary Member)

Vavoulidis, Miltiadis (Ordinary Member)

Vayenas, Constantinos (Ordinary Member)

Vretinaris, Stamatis (Junior Member)

Wallden, Petros (Founding Ordinary Member)

Yunes, Nicolas (Ordinary Member)

Zagkouris, Kimon (Junior Member)

Zamarias, Vassilios (Founding Ordinary Member)

Zampeli, Adamantia (Ordinary Member)

Zarikas, Vasilios (Founding Ordinary Member)

Zoupas, Andreas (Founding Ordinary Member)

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