Forthcoming Elections of HSRGC for 2020-2022

Below we list the names of candidates that have been proposed (and have accepted their nomination) for the position of President and Members of the next Governing Board as well as for Auditors. The elections will take place on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020, during the 6th General Assembly of the society which will take place at the offices of HSRGC at the Astronomical Observatory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, starting at 18:00.

As was also the practice during the 2018 elections, we will not be sending ballots by post. An electronic online ballot Ζευς (that is provided by the greek government for such purposes) will be set up for absentee voters. All members in good standing will receive detailed instructions on how to vote at the beginning of September.

A member must have paid all past dues, as well as this year's dues of 15 euros, in order to be in good standing and eligible to vote. The bank account of HSRGC to pay the membership fees is:


IBAN: GR76 0172 2670 0052 6708 3481 824


If you make a bank transfer from another bank, please make sure to add the bank transfer fees (4 euros/transfer within EU).

The candidates for the forthcoming elections are:


1) Stergioulas, Nikolaos

Members of Governing Board

1) Charmousis, Christos

2) Pappas, Georgios

3) Saridakis, Emmanuel

4) Kofinas, Georgios


1) Apostolatos, Theocharis

2) Kanti, Panagiota

3) Zoupas, Andreas

The results of the elections can be downloaded here and here.

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