Forthcoming Elections of HSRGC for 2016-2018

Below we list the names of candidates that have been proposed (and have accepted their nomination) until today for the position of President and Members of the next Governing Board as well as for Auditors. The elections will take place on Wednesday, September 21st, 19:00 during the 4th General Assembly of the society which will take place at the venue of the NEB-17 conference in Mykonos.

    Ballots to vote by mail have been sent to all members. The bank account of     
    HSRGC to pay the annual membership fee (10 euros/year) is:

    IBAN:  GR76 0172 2670 0052 6708 3481 824
    If you make a bank transfer from another bank, please make sure to add the   
    bank transfer fees (4 euros/transfer within EU).

    The candidates for the forthcoming elections are:


1) Sakellariadou, Mairi

Members of Governing Board

1) Basilakos, Spyros  

2) Dafermos, Mihalis  

3) Kofinas, Georgios  

4) Sotiriou, Thomas  

5) Zoupas, Andreas  


1) Apostolatos, Theocharis  

2) Grammenos, Theofanis  

3) Kokkotas, Kostas  

4) Psaltis, Dimitrios  

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